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Buttered popcorn cookies

One of the great new cookbooks released in the past year is the¬†New York Times bestselling¬†Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman. It’s packed with photos that will have you drooling over the pages, and nearly all of the recipes are new ones that can’t be found on the author’s blog. I put a lot of… read more

Hearty oatmeal anytime cookies

Do you like cookies? I like cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Recently I came across a few recipes for something called “breakfast cookies.” Again, what’s not to like? I fiddled with the recipes (you can, too) and ended up with a version that I like at any time of day. The kids gave them the… read more

Baking for coffee lovers

Are you one of those people who stumbles out of bed and staggers straight to the coffee pot before you even hit the shower? Me, too. I’m not above having a couple more cups before noon. (After that I switch to tea.) Even if you’re not an acolyte of the sacred bean, you probably know… read more