Tiny cakes

There are occasions that deserve a celebration, but are small enough, private enough, that you don’t need a three-layer confection topped with sugar roses that will feed 25. A birthday…an anniversary…a goal achieved. You want to make something special, but not over the top. You need a tiny cake.

To bake a tiny cake, it’s nice to have a pair of six-inch cake pans. If you have a recipe that makes two 9-inch layers, you can halve it and bake it in two 6-inch pans. You may have a little extra batter left (don’t overfill the pans), so bake the extra in a ramekin for a cook’s treat! Or if you happen to have some tiny individual cake pans, now’s the time to dust them off. (Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for greasing you pans; when in doubt, line the bottom with parchment or wax paper before using baking spray or butter and flour–don’t risk letting your cute little cakes stick to the pan!)

Maybe you don’t have any occasion at all, but just want to bake a beautiful dessert. Halve a recipe for a flourless chocolate cake and bake it in a small cake pan. It only takes a few minutes to mix up the batter, and the smaller size means it bakes more quickly, too!

Take a look at some of these recipes already scaled for 6-inch pans:

Weeknight Layer Cake

Mom’s Favorite White Cake

Small Carrot Cake

Chocolate Cake with Whipped Ganache

 Melissa Jerves writes about food, family and 21st century home economics on her blog, Home Baked.

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