Friday night cocktail party

It’s Friday night! Are you ready to usher in the weekend and host a little cocktail hour? You may have the bar stocked, but what about the snacks? Let’s face it, dinner’s going to be late tonight and people will need a little sustenance along with their libations. Sure, you can swing by the market and pick up some chips, dips and a veggie tray, but if you add even one of these homemade appetizers to your spread, your party host reputation will be made. In a good way.

(If you’re hosting a cocktail party for two, make a couple of these and a nice salad, and mix up your favorite drinks. Put your feet up and think about the weekend. You won’t even need dinner.)

Five Fabulous Party Snacks

Cheese Straws

Chevre Devils (dates stuffed with goat cheese and candied pecans)

Flatbreads with Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion and Basil


Roasted Mushrooms

Melissa Jerves writes about food, family and 21st century home economics on her blog, Home Baked.

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  1. Sabina

    Wondered where you had disappeared… Grateful for you FB post that led me here


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