Monthly Archives: January 2013

Finding recipe inspiration on Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest problem? Do hours go by while you scroll through pages of fabulous outfits, pretty craft projects, beautifully designed rooms, and mouthwatering food? It can happen to the best of us. Like anything else on the Internet, Pinterest can be a time waster or a useful tool. I try to avoid… read more

White sandwich bread

I tend to go on and on about the benefits of no-knead bread dough, so much that it has possibly been a year or more since I baked a loaf of bread the old-fashioned way. Yesterday, after a disastrous batch of no-knead multigrain bread (sometimes my experiments with the base recipe don’t turn out so… read more

Tea cake

For those of us (Americans) for whom “tea” or “coffee” is not the name of a meal, even we get the urge for tea time in the cold of winter. What’s better on a Sunday afternoon, when brunch is a distant memory, but it’s still too early for dinner? Some warm drinks, a few snacks,… read more

Best quiche crust

If you’ve conquered your fear of pastry dough, you may have tried blind baking a crust for a pie or quiche. Roll it, chill it, line with foil and weights, and bake. In my experience, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Since I usually make all-butter doughs, more often than not, my beautifully crimped crust… read more