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Choosing the right pan for your recipe

Picture this: You have a new recipe you’re excited to bake. There you are in the kitchen, pulling ingredients from the pantry and utensils from the cupboards. Then you stop. How do you choose which pan is right for your recipe? There are so many different baking pans from which to choose. In my cupboards you’ll find… read more

Easy cheesy baked chicken tenders

  Even though I try really hard to expose my kids to a wide variety of foods, I have to admit that they still love that staple of the children’s menu: chicken tenders. There have been times I’ve served microwaved frozen chicken nuggets, which they happily eat, dipped in ketchup, but I don’t really feel… read more

Spend more time in the kitchen when you buy your baking pans online


Buying baking pans online is only fun if the end result is delicious. At Bakers Select we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality baking pans online so your recipes will turn out better. And when it is time for clean up, our baking pans are dish washer safe to help you make… read more

The right baking tools and equipment for the recipe

When you taste something delicious a friend bakes, you want nothing more than to try the recipe yourself. More often than not, something tastes just a little different when you make the recipe. Was it a special substitution your friend made? Or was it the fact that you substituted a baking pan when you didn’t… read more

Bakeware sets make the perfect gifts!

More is always better, especially when baked goods are on the line! Do you have a friend who loves baking? As the gift giving season approaches, our bakeware sets make the perfect gift. We have several different sets available that perfect for anyone who loves baking. Our high quality baking pans are made with heavy… read more

Find your new baking pans online at Bakers Select

When it is cold outside, you just want to bake! From homemade breads, to cookies, there is just something soothing about the smell of freshly baked sweets, especially in the morning. The ingredients may make the food taste good, but the baking pans are the other part of the equation. After wear and tear over… read more