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The baking tools and equipment you need, when you need them


When baking your favorite recipe, you know the right baking tools and equipment make all the difference. From cookies, to pizza, and everything in-between, to make your best you need the best kitchen supplies. If you find yourself reaching for just the right bakeware pan only to come up empty handed, don’t despair. Bakers Select… read more

Attention, attention! Get your bakeware sets here.

Fall is officially in the air! Pumpkins are arriving in the store, leaves are beginning to turn colors, and the mornings are getting cooler. And even if you find yourself checking our site from the southern hemisphere, you too are undergoing changing seasons and transitioning to different food dishes. Plus, regardless where you are shopping… read more

The must-have baking pans online just in time for fall

Feel the chill in the air? It’s time to break out your bakeware sets and start baking! When the weather turns cold, nothing warms the body and spirit better than warm delicious food. The pumpkin and banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, pies and other feel good foods are endless! But here is a secret: the… read more

If you are looking for baking pans online, look no further!

Bakers Select has over 25 years experience providing only the highest quality non-stick bakeware products to cooks around the world. We have the best selection of baking pans online to meet your baking and cooking needs including muffin pans, springform pans, cookie sheets, and much more. Whether you are a professional chef, or home cook,… read more

The right baking tools and equipment for the recipe

When you taste something delicious a friend bakes, you want nothing more than to try the recipe yourself. More often than not, something tastes just a little different when you make the recipe. Was it a special substitution your friend made? Or was it the fact that you substituted a baking pan when you didn’t… read more

Replace those tired bakeware sets!

With fall right around the corner, and many major holidays fast approaching, your bakeware sets are about to become used and often times abused. But don’t fret when you realize your favorite and trusted bakeware pan is worn out. Instead visit us here at Bakers Select. Our high quality kitchenware speaks for itself, and you’ll… read more

Bakeware Makes a Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has everything is easier than you think! Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts – we’re constantly surrounded by special occasions for which we need to buy gifts, and more often we’re stumped by the question of what to get for the person who has it… read more