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Caring for your nonstick bakeware

Nonstick bakeware is a wonderful tool in the kitchen, but if you’re not familiar with it, you may wonder how to get the most out of your investment. We’ve gathered a few tips to keep your nonstick bakeware in top condition so that you can enjoy it in your kitchen for years to come. Baking… read more

Tiny cakes

There are occasions that deserve a celebration, but are small enough, private enough, that you don’t need a three-layer confection topped with sugar roses that will feed 25. A birthday…an anniversary…a goal achieved. You want to make something special, but not over the top. You need a tiny cake. To bake a tiny cake, it’s… read more

Friday night cocktail party

It’s Friday night! Are you ready to usher in the weekend and host a little cocktail hour? You may have the bar stocked, but what about the snacks? Let’s face it, dinner’s going to be late tonight and people will need a little sustenance along with their libations. Sure, you can swing by the market… read more

Creamy baked pasta shells with chicken

   I rely on recipes for much of my cooking, but having a few techniques down cold helps me create some simple meals in short order from staples in my pantry. A white sauce, or bechamel, forms the basis for so many dishes: macaroni and cheese, gravy, creamy soups, casseroles of all kinds. If you… read more

Banana Poppy Seed Bars

I’m always on the look out for baked goods that I can feel good about letting my kids snack on. Who are we kidding? I want tasty snacks, too!  It’s lovely to bake for a special occasion, but by baking everyday treats myself I can really affect my family’s nutrition for the better. What do… read more

Buttered popcorn cookies

One of the great new cookbooks released in the past year is the New York Times bestselling Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman. It’s packed with photos that will have you drooling over the pages, and nearly all of the recipes are new ones that can’t be found on the author’s blog. I put a lot of… read more

Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake

I never seem to get tired of banana cake. Banana plays so well with any other flavors you might want in a cake…nuts, chocolate, rum, caramel, coconut. Bananas lend their sweetness and moisture to baked goods, making it easier to cut back on extra fat and sugar without compromising taste or texture. Whenever I see… read more

Hearty oatmeal anytime cookies

Do you like cookies? I like cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Recently I came across a few recipes for something called “breakfast cookies.” Again, what’s not to like? I fiddled with the recipes (you can, too) and ended up with a version that I like at any time of day. The kids gave them the… read more

Blueberry yogurt pie

My husband likes to dig for new recipes like an archaeologist. He’ll dust off 20-year-old issues of Gourmet or pull out cookbooks that I’ve never pulled off the top shelf, the one I can’t reach without climbing on a step stool. This weekend he unearthed this beauty of a pie recipe from Sundays at Moosewood… read more